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Defeated By A Smaller Man

I was visiting Vancouver with my buddy Jitender, an old wrestling buddy from high school. Jitender came from a long line of wrestlers in India and he was state champ in our highs school at 220 lbs. He also wrestled in college but eventually gave it up to concentrate on his studies.

We were on our way to my friend Hiroki’s place. Hiroki was this Japanese dude I met a while back, who turned out to be a great submission wrestler. He was only about 160 lbs. but he was a tough motherfucker and he loved to take down bigger guys and make them submit. Continue reading

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Sweat Wrestling: My Initiation to a Korean Wrestling Team

“We can be training partners!” he said. I nodded excitedly and he walked over to his locker to fish out his jockstrap and singlet. The straps of his jock cupped his big smooth ass and you could see the outlines as he puled his tight singlet over it. Continue reading

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Twin Brothers Wrestling Battle

My twin brother Sam and me had been wrestling our whole lives and our dad even converted our basement into a wrestling room when we were in high school. It was summer now and Sam and I were home from college, living in our parents house while they were staying at our summer cottage in Virginia Beach.

Last weekend we ran into a couple of high school wrestling rivals, another set of twin brothers named Mark and Lamar Williams. We were all about the same weight and we had to wrestle these guys plenty of times over the year so we kind of got to know them pretty well. They were still in great shape and were both wrestling in college so we invited them over to our place for the weekend to hit the mats. Continue reading

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Submission Wrestling at the Barn – Tag Team Action

The last time dad and I went to the barn to wrestle, it was a folkstyle wrestling day. Today we were headed back, but it was going to be submission wrestling. When we arrived there was the usual crowd of guys but some new faces too. As usual, it was a big range of ages, from high school guys to men in their 60s. Basically a hairy cock and a love of wrestling was all you needed to be welcomed. Dress code for today was square cut fight shorts and jockstraps.

Dad and I stripped down and fished around in our gym bags for our gear. This guy Rob who we met the last time was getting changed next to us. He was in his late 20s and chiseled. His abs were a work of art — totally smooth and rippling, but he had a nice carpet of light brown fur around his long cock and low-hanging balls.

“Hey guys, back again?” he asked?

“Yeah,” I replied. I’m actually better at sub wrestling so wanted to see if I can do a little better this time.

Rob had pulled up jis jock strap now and was stepping into his white fight shorts. “I’m more of a greco guy myself, but I’m starting to get into grappling.”

“See you on the mats,” he said as he went downstairs.

We followed him down a few minutes later. Dad and I had matching fight shorts — black with blue lettering on the ass. We were kind of hoping we could find a couple guys to wrestle a tag team match with.

Rob was talking to Nick, the old guy who wiped the mat with me last time. They were both wearing white fight shorts and that made me think they might be a good tag team for us to go against. I really want to be able to beat Nick. He humiliated me last time and I wanted revenge.

“Hey, you guys want to wrestle a tag team match with us?” I asked.

Nick looked at me and laughed. “You back for some more are you? The last time I saw you, your ass was in the air and you had a face full of mat”

“Now it’s your turn, bitch,” I said.

“Sounds good to me, Uncle Nick, what do you think,” Rob said.

I didn’t realize Nick was Rob’s uncle. This was kind of perfect then, Uncle and nephew vs. father and son.

“Yeah, let’s make them beg for mercy,” Nick replied.

We agreed that you had to both tap and say “I give” to signal defeat. And whichever team was the first to win two submissions would be the winners.

Nick and I were up first.

He came at me to lock up like regular wrestling, but this was submission style and I could tell the old man wasn’t used to it. I decided to do something that would completely throw him off guard so I immediately grabbed hold of his arm and did a flying armbar. Before he had any idea what was happening, I had slammed him to the mat and was extending his arm as he screamed in pain and kicked his legs. I could hear my dad whoop with delight as I worked over this old man. “Shit!” I heard Rob yell as he watched his uncle struggle to get out of the hold. But Nick was strong as hell and somehow managed to wriggle free.

He sat on the mat with his legs up, waiting for me to come into his guard. I grabbed one of his hairy legs and clamped onto his ankle, as I fell to the mat. I twisted his ankle some more and Nick was writhing, beating the mat with his fist. “Awwhhhhhh!” he cred as I heaped on the pressure.

“Ready to give up old man?” I asked. He looked back at me. Sweat was dripping off his chin, but he show his balding head and said no, even as he grimaced with pain as I continued cranking. He rolled onto his side and took me with him and then i felt his foot jam into my ass. He had good aim because his big to was digging right into my anus.

I let out an “ugghhh!” and before I knew it had involuntarily loosened my hold so nick could get out. He sprang to his feet and came after me, but i wrapped my arms under his chin and flipped him over. The I rolled over until I was on top of him. It was prefect. His head was trapped between my thighs as I twisted his arm and tortured his elbow. I squeezed my legs tighter around his head so his mouth was about a centimeter below my balls. I didn’t want to press my balls against his mouth because I was afraid he might bite them. So I just stayed there for a minute or so and let him struggle. His face was beet red as he looked up helplessly at my bulging cock. “want to give up now or do you want to feel some more pain?”

He looked up at me, gritted his teeth and growled.

“OK,” I said and put more pressure on his elbow. He screamed out in pain and then began furiously slapping the mat. “Is that a tap?” I asked.

“Yes, yes!” he cried. “I give up!”

I released the hold and slid forward a little so I was sitting right on his face as I flexed my biceps and yelped in victory. Dad cheered loudly and tousled Rob’s soft brown hair as they watched me rub my sweaty crotch all over Nick’s face.

“1-0. you ready to wrestle?”

Rob looked kind of pissed as his uncle pulled his head from between my legs and rolled onto his belly. Nick wasn’t used to getting beat. His whole head was red and he pounded his fist down on the mat in anger.

He sat down next to Rob and told him to rip my dad’s nuts off.

Dad and Rob walked out onto the mat and started circling each other. Rob got down low and as Dad lunged toward him, he sat back on the mat with his legs spread wide open. You could see the lines of his jockstrap, where it spread out from the pouch to cradle his round ass cheeks. Dad came at him like he was going to get in his guard, but instead he literally jumped on his chest and drove his knees into Rob’s hairy armpits. Dad grabbed hold of the back of Rob’s head and pulled his face up toward his crotch. Rob’s nose was buried in Dad’s bulging lycra shorts as he grunted and tried to buck Dad off his chest. Dad wrapped his furry muscular thighs around Rob’s head and leaned onto his side, taking Rob with him. Dad was on his back and Rob was kind of kneeling, when Dad grabbed one of his arms and pulled him into a tight triangle. Rob was gasping for breath, but Dad poured on the hurt. Finally Rob tapped dad’s leg furiously, signaling defeat. Dad eased up so he could breathe and Rob yelled out. “Owwhhhhh! I give, dude, I give!”

The two men stood up and Rob raised Dad’s arm in victory. sweat dripped down both of their armpits as Dad let out a “Yeah!”

The wrestling match was over and we had won, so it was time to humiliate our opponents. They knew what was coming. That’s the way it worked at the barn.

Nick and Rob laid down next to each other. I bent down and grabbed ahold of Nick’s damp shorts and pulled them off. Then I went for my trophy — his sweaty jockstrap. As I peeled it off him, his big hairy cock flopped on his belly. I took his jock and rubbed it into Nick’s face a little. He flinched and turned his mouth so he wouldn’t have to taste it. I tucked it into the back of my shorts a little for safe keeping as i straddled Nick’s head and sat down on his chest.

I watched Dad humiliate Rob in the same way. It felt so good that we had taken these two guys out. I was afraid they were going to beat us. Now they were gonna get their faces full of our man juice.

Dad and I gabbed hold of our cocks and started rubbing till they got hard and poked out of our lycra shorts. We pulled down the fronts a little to get out cocks out and when they were nice and hard started pumping. We stroked and stroked until we were both close to ejaculating. “You ready to blow?” Dad asked me. “Yup. On three,” I replied.

“Make sure you shoot all over his face .. One, Two, Three””

“Unnnggghhh … Awhhhhh….” we both growned as hot thick spunk shot out of our shafts. Nick grimaces as the semen squited out on him — some on his forehead and some on his nose and mouth. It dripped down his cheeks and onto the mat. I looked over and saw Rob turn his head as Dad shot his wad, but that just made it drip down his nose and his mouth.

After we were done, we both slid our asses up onto their faces and rubbed their noses into our ass cracks. the semen was still warm and slick so we slid back and forth over their faces, laughing as Nick and Rob suffered even more humiliation.

It wasn’t over, though. We got up and looked down at their sticky wet faces for a second, when Dad said. “Rob, kiss your uncle. Put you tongue right down his throat.”

“What?” he asked. “You heard me.” Dad bent down and dragged Rob around by his ankles, tossing him on top of his naked uncle. Their dicks pressed against each other as Rob did as he was told. He rubbed his cum soaked lips against Nick’s and Nick opened his mouth, letting his nephew inside. Soon they were tongue wrestling and their dicks started getting hard. Nick pulled out and moved his head down to Rob’s bushy cock and swallowed it whole, pumping up and down until Rob was close to orgasm. Nick pulled his mouth off his cock and grabbed it with his hand, stroking it until Rob erupted, squirting even more semen onto Nick’s face. Rob looked kind of started by what just happened, but snapped out of it as Nick grabbed him in a headlock and threw him onto the mat. Nick forced his head down to his cock and made Rob suck it. Nick wiped some of the cum of his face and rubbed it into Rob’s hair as his 25-year-old nephew got him off. Nick was on the verge of orgasm and Rob tried to pull away, but Nick wouldn’t let him. Suddenly Rob started to gag as Nick unleashed a river of cum into his mouth. He only released him when he was done.

Dad and I still had hard-ons after watching all that and we each managed o knock another one out after that display.

The four of us then went up to the showers, changed and left the barn. We were all looking forward to a rematch. Continue reading

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My Initiation to Turkish Oil Wrestling

I  was on my way to visit my college buddy Mehmet in his hometown of Izmir, Turkey. Mehmet and I wrestled in the same weight class in college – 197 lbs. So on my trip to Turkey, he wanted to … Continue reading

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Wrestling at the Barn

Mike and his dad lived in a big farmhouse out in the country. They had invited my dad and me to join their weekly wrestling session in the barn. We drove up to the big old building and got out … Continue reading

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Norwegian Wrestling Camp – Part One

One of the perks of being on my college wrestling team is a free trip every year to a national training center in another country. This year we went to Norway. The facility was located out in the country in … Continue reading

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