Twin Brothers Wrestling Battle

My twin brother Sam and me had been wrestling our whole lives and our dad even converted our basement into a wrestling room when we were in high school. It was summer now and Sam and I were home from college, living in our parents house while they were staying at our summer cottage in Virginia Beach.

Last weekend we ran into a couple of high school wrestling rivals, another set of twin brothers named Mark and Lamar Williams. We were all about the same weight and we had to wrestle these guys plenty of times over the year so we kind of got to know them pretty well. They were still in great shape and were both wrestling in college so we invited them over to our place for the weekend to hit the mats.

The doorbell rang and I ran upstairs to answer it. The two brothers were fine male specimens, both about 6’1″ with chiseled upper bodies and tightly cropped black curly hair. Lamar was wearing a white tank top. It clung to his smooth black skin, showing off his broad shoulders and sinewy arms. Mark was shirtless, his dark curly treasure trail disappearing into his black underarmour shorts.

“C’mon downstairs. You can throw your bags down there. It might even be more comfortable to sleep down on the mats. It gets pretty hot upstairs.”

The wrestling room was one big open space. Most of it was taken up by the big blue and white mat, and opposite that was a small gym with some free weights and a treadmill and bike and then next to that was the locker room, which was basically an open closet area for workout clothes and shoes and a communal shower with 4 shower heads. It was all open, so this was always a male-only part of the house, which meant all the brothers and my dad had to keep it clean.

Sam came thumping down the stairs and greeted Mark and Lamar. There was a lot of back slapping and joking and finally Sam said, “OK, let’s rassle!”

We all stripped down and dug out our jockstraps and singlets. Waistbands snapped against tight muscled torsos as we filled our pouches with our big hairy dicks. We laced up our Asics wrestling shoes and moved over to the mat to stretch.

“You kicked my ass last time, so it’s payback time!” Sam said to Lamar.

“Bring it, bitch!” he shot back and the two faced off in the center of the mat while Mark and I squatted next to each other on the edge.

Sam and Lamar tied up, pushing each other around and trying to find an opening.

“C’mon dude, we wrestlin’ or dancin’? Take a shot!” Sam taunted.

Lamar took him up on the offer, shooting a lightning fast single leg. Sam hopped around and tried to pivot as Lamar drove in and brought him down to the mat. Sam got to his belly and Lamar applied a painful hammerlock with one hand as he grabbed the back of Sam’s head with the other and rubbed his face in the mat.

“How’s that mat taste?” Lamar asked as Sam grunted, struggling to turn his head to the side.

Sam tried to get off his stomach, but Lamar slid his muscular legs down inside Sam’s hairy thighs and drove his arm underneath Sam’s chin. Lamar rolled onto his side and poured on the pressure.

“Arrgghhhh!” Sam groaned as Lamar stretched him out. Sam looked helpless with Lamar totally wrapped around him.

“Ya like that tough guy? Want some more?” Lamar said as he pulled up harder on my brother’s chin. Sam was completely immobilized. All you could see was his chest heaving as he gasped for air.

“C’mon Sam, you can take this!” I yelled, though I doubted he really could.

Mark was laughing. “Put him on his back, Lamar. Finish him off.”

Lamar’s singlet crept deep into his ass crack as he locked his legs around Sam’s left leg. His rock hard glutes  squeezed together as he wore my brother down. Sam tried to get free of Lamar’s chin lock, but it was no use. Sam panted and groaned as Lamar pulled his head down.

Mark and I pressed our heads to the mat, looking to see if Lamar had Sam pinned. Not quite, there was still about an inch of space between Sam’s shoulders and the mat.

It was almost like the four of us were wrestling at the same time. I could hear Sam’s low heavy grunts as sweat dripped off Lamar’s chin and onto my back. I felt his warm, steamy breath  on my ear. Finally Sam gave up. Lamar leaned in and I could see his wet shoulders press into the mat. Mark slapped the mat with all his might making a thunderous noise and Lamar released his hold.

Sam lay spread eagle on the mat, filling his lungs with air as Lamar jumped up and pumped the air with his fist a couple times to celebrate his victory over my brother. Sam got up and shook his head, chuckling. “Shit, what an ass kicking.” He and Lamar embraced in a sweaty man hug, slapping each other on the back.

The two guys collapsed against the wall in desperate need of some rest.

“Team Williams 1, Team Evans 0,” Mark said, looking at me. “Ready to make it 2-0?”

“You’re getting too cocky, dude. Let’s go!” I said.

I cheated a little bit and came after Mark before he was quite ready, but that let me sink a nice headlock on him and in a couple seconds I had him on the mat, struggling to avoid getting pinned.

“Muthafucker!” Mark screamed, but I just laughed.

“You gotta be ready,” I said as I squeezed his head as hard as I could. It wasn’t too long before he wriggled out of it and was on his hands and knees facing me. He came in at me and tried to push me over onto my back, but I reached behind him and sunk my fingers right into his anus. He was just wearing a jockstrap underneath so there was just a thin layer of lycra covering his hole. “Ahh!” he cried as I used his rectum as a handle to flip him over. We were in a mad scramble now. Mark got behind me and sunk his arm between my legs, locking onto his other arm and driving his bicep into my balls. His forearm pressed against my penis, making it really uncomfortable to stay on my belly. That was his plan. Before i knew it, i had given him enough space to maneuver so he got a cradle on me. I knew he had me as he rocked me over. Our brothers crowded around us as I kicked furiously to free myself. As Mark pinned me,  Lamar got in my face and whispered, “Another Evans boy down.”

I managed to get a ‘fuck you’ out, but he was right and at that moment I was totally helpless and defeated.

As soon as Mark released me from his grasp we were buds again. He put his arm around me and playfully patted my stomach. His warm, damp armpit hair felt coarse on my shoulder and I could feel a spray of sweat as I patted his slick, muscular back.

After a little rest, Lamar and Mark decided to wrestle each other for the championship. It was awesome to watch them go at it. They loved each other, but there was a deep rivalry, so the match was intense and very physical. Lamar was straddling Mark’s head at one point, but Mark drove through and and emerged between his brother’s legs, lifting him up so Lamar was upside down, sliding down Mark’s back till his head hit the mat and he was facing Mark’s ass. His nose went right into his brother’s ass crack for a minute while Mark kept tilting his head back to put pressure on Lamar’s balls.

But Lamar got his revenge. He eventually trapped his brother’s head in a figure 4, squeezing his face right into his balls as he pinned him. Sam and I had a hard time seeing if he was pinned or not, the two brothers were wrapped up like on big mass of muscled thighs and bulging balls. The crotch of Lamar’s singlet was covered with his brother’s saliva. Mark had been struggling to breathe while Lamar was pressing his manhood down on him. They both seemed relieved when I slapped the mat. They were so exhausted they just wanted it to be over.

We took a short break for lunch but then came back down to wrestle some more. This time we all wrestled at once. Sam and I were learning that we Lamar and Mark were just better than us now. And they loved to rub it in.  At one point they did simultaneous Saturday night rides on us, turning our heads so we could watch each other getting pinned by a Willams brother. Them as Sam and I lay on the mat recovering. Lamar and Mark came over and straddled us.

“You guys want to see what a champion tastes like?” Lamar asked.

Sam and I looked at each other and then back at Lamar who had pulled off the straps on his singlet and was sitting on my stomach bare-chested.

“Answer the man!” Mark ordered, slapping Sam on the cheek.

“Yeah. what does a champ taste like?” Sam replied.

Lamar stood up and peeled off his singlet and jock revealing his big erect rod.

Mark grabbed Sam and me by the back of the head and dragged us over in front of him. We kneeled down and Mark positioned our faces on either side of Lamar’s dick. We started to lick. His cock was all salty from the sweat, but it somehow tasted good. Sam and I ran our tongues down both side of his shaft as it hardened even more and throbbed. I moved my mouth to the tip of his penis and swallowed it whole while Same moved down to lick Lamar’s hairy balls. Sam came up and we traded off. Lamar was groaning in ecstasy and it seemed like he was about to cum. I didn’t want Sam to get his whole load so I moved my mouth up his penis and tried to push my brother away. Sam wanted it all to himself so he fought back. There wasn’t much time. Lamar was about to cum. Just then, Mark grabbed our hair and pulled us off Lamar, kneeling down in front of his brother just as Lamar blew his huge hot, creamy load all over Mark’s face.

Sam and I pounced on him, lapping up as much of Lamar’s salty semen as we could. As we licked Mark’s cum covered face, Lamar pulled us back to clean off his shaft.

When we were done with that, Lamar went behind Mark and hoisted him up, like he was about to throw him to the mat. Mark’s dick bounced up and down.

“Come suck my brother,” Lamar said.

Sam and I were happy to oblige. We licked Mark’s cock like a lollipop until Lamar pulled his brother’s big penis away and told us to assume the referee’s position on the mat.

I heard the sound of condom wrappers opening and then felt Lamar’s finger, coated with cool wet lube slide up my anus. The Williams twins made Sam and I face each other as they fucked us. It was like a final humiliation after our beatings on the mat. Sam’s face was contorted in pain as Mark rode him hard. I was just amazed that Lamar could still get it up after spewing that huge load of spunk earlier. He really was a champ. His dick was stiff as a board as he plowed my ass.

Mark was obviously about to cum. He pulled his cock out of my brother’s anus and shoved him onto his back. Ripping off the condom, he straddled Sam and began masturbating.

“Ohhhhh” he groaned as semen streamed from his penis onto my brother’s face. Lamar pulled his cock out of my anus and did the same thing to me.

As we laid there with faces full of Williams brothers cum, the two black studs squirted lube all over our penises and rubbed us until we were both about to cum. Lamar picked me up and threw me on top of Sam, then slid his over my penis again and pumped away Mark did the same to Sam and within a minute we were there. I felt an incredible release as I Sam and I emptied our loads onto each other. Mark and Lamar piled on top so we were one big sweaty, cum soaked pile of men.

After a while we all got up and hit the showers, Mark and I washed each other and Lamar and Sam soaped each other up. We dried off and as we pulled on our underwear, Lamar asked what the plan was for tomorrow.

“Same again, i said.”

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  1. Jay says:

    Great story. Hot to read!

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