High Stakes Wrestling

After a week long vacation in the Philippines I was on my way back tot he States, but first I would spend a couple days in Manila where I would meet up with an old friend of mine, Jose. I was badly in need of a workout, so Jose invited me to come with him to this small local gym a group of guys would get together each weekend for an informal wrestling practice. They were mostly grapplers but a few of them did freestyle wrestling too.

For JeffWe were the first ones to arrive, so we made our way to the back where the mats were. This was an old school gym — very basic. In fact, there wasn’t really a locker room, just a small show room with one tap for cold water only. But there were never any women around, so Jose said it was fine to strip down and change into our wrestling gear right on the mat.

Jose was pretty buff, but not very tall and had dark smooth skin. His cock was thick and hairy and his balls hung low between his legs. I put on my jockstrap and a pair of underarmour compression shorts and laced up my wrestling shoes as Jose pulled a pair of mesh shorts over his boxer briefs.

We stretched out and did a little sparring before the other guys arrived. They gym was hot. There was no a/c, just a couple of fans that did little to counter the tropical heat. We were slick with sweat after just a few minutes of rolling around.

Soon the other guys started to arrive so we stopped wrestling and got up to greet them while they changed up. Tony was the coach. He was a big brawny guy in his mid-20s. He grew up in California and wrestled all through high school there, but now he focused mainly on grappling and MMA. His dream was to be a professional fighter, but his family wanted him to do something more stable, so he spent his days working as an accountant.

Alvin was probably around 75kg and very toned. He was crazy about no-gi grappling and loved to make bigger guys tap out. His friend Henry was skinnier and relied heavily on technique. And then there was Enrique, a tough-looking stud who was actually the caretaker of the gym. His left ear was slightly cauliflowered, which Jose claimed was his work.

Tony actually looked a little nerdy when he came in, with this framed glasses. But there was a big transformation as he peeled off his shirt to reveal his big pecs with a few wisps of black hair around his hard nipples. His shoulders were broad and muscular and his huge arms were intimidating and exciting at the same time. He had a little bit of a belly and a nice dark treasure trail leading from his belly button to his thick black pubes surrounding his juicy looking cock. After he had stripped naked, Tony rummaged around in his bag and pulled out a pair of white square cuts some socks and wrestling shoes.

“Hey, where’s my jock?” he mumbled as he reached into what was now and empty bag. “Guess I’m going commando!” he said as he caught my eye, yanking his tight shorts over his cock and balls. While Tony was tying his shoes, I noticed how incredibly hairy Henry’s legs were. His chest was pretty smooth, but from the waist down he was a bear.

Alvin was ready to rumble barefoot and wearing just a regular pair of shorts. He grabbed Jose and they started to grapple. Alvin was an alpha male on the mat and loved the north south position. Within a minute of wrestling, Jose was on his back, buried underneath Alvin’s crotch. As they struggled it became clear that Alvin was going commando too and Jose was getting a closeup view of his hairy balls.

As Jose and Alvin went at it, Tony asked me if I wanted to take on one of the other guys.

“Sure,” I said as he pulled Enrique onto the mat. We got in position, hunched over and ready to wrestle, when Tony asked, “Oh, do you guys know each other? Enrique, Mike. Mike, Enrique. We smiled and shook hands – a moment of politeness before we tried to physically dominate each other. “Wrestle!” Tony shouted. This was my first match with these guys and I really wanted to show I could hold my own, so I sprang at Enrique with everything I had, sinking a tight headlock on him and slamming him to the mat. I could hear him grunting as a squeezed him as hard as I could, digging my feet into the mat for leverage as I pushed him down tighter. It looked like he was having trouble breathing. I could hear him struggling for air. The other guys looked on, impressed that I was pummeling Enrique. He was tough, though, and wasn’t going to give up easily. He fought hard to break the lock ramming his forearm into my face, but I wasn’t letting go. It was so hot in that room and we were dripping with sweat. But I used the slipperiness to my advantage. I mounted his back and turned my headlock into a choke hold. Enrique slapped the mat furiously signaling defeat. I let go of his head and heard a huge gasp as he gulped in the air I had denied him.

I helped him to his feet and we shook hands again as Tony raised my arm over him.

I was totally beat, but Alvin wanted some fresh meat after beating up Jose and asked me to wrestle him. I pleaded for a minute of rest as I caught my breath. Alvin was a better grappler than me, but I was fresh off a victory, so I was feeling an adrenaline rush.

Alvin and I slapped our hands together in an informal handshake and locked up. But it wasn’t long before I was getting the north-south treatment as he draped his sweaty balls over my lips. We were both pretty smelly at that point so I wanted to get out of that position before he started rubbing his ass in my face.

I managed to break free for a second, but then I found myself in Alvin’s guard and I knew he was going for a triangle choke. Tony got in close and tried to coach me out of it. Luckily I was sweaty enough to wiggle free, but before I knew what was happening, Alvin had climbed onto my back and sunk in a choke hold. He rocked me backwards as I tried to shove my hand underneath his arm, but it was no use. He stretched me out as the other guys watched. As he dug his hooks in, he caught my shorts with his heel and i could feel them sliding down the harder he squeezed. The elastic band stretched until is slipped under the pouch of my jock.   I felt humiliated and helpless, half naked and groaning as a smaller guy dominated me. Finally I slapped the mat to make it stop and Alvin let me go. I pulled my short up and took a second to shake it off and got to my feet as Tony lifted Alvin’s arm up. Body odor wafted from his sweaty armpit as the guys applauded his victory over me.

I really needed a break, so I slunked over to the side of the mat to watch some of the other guys grappling. A few others who had been working out in the other part of the gym had joined us so the small mat was a sea of sweaty men writhing against each other. The gym was filled with the sound of grunts and groans and panting, with the occasional slap on the mat of someone giving up.

Tony came over and sat next to me as we watched the piles of battling bodies. He was telling me about his high school wrestling career when all of the sudden, one of the guys on the mat gutwrenched his opponent face first into Tony’s lap. That didn’t stop the action, though. Tony pushed the sweaty pair off of him and watched as the guy in charge worked to sink his arm around his opponent’s neck. They rolled into me as the top guy wrapped his legs around his victim’s body and squeezed. I looked down at the loser as he grunted and gasped. Finally he slapped the mat and the winner let go and shoved him. I felt a warm spray of sweat as his head slapped against my thigh. He looked up at me and grinned as he caught his breath.

Tony looked at me and asked “You wanna go?”

“Sure,” I replied. “College rules, we wrestle till one of us gets a pin,” Tony instructed.

We shook hands and locked up. I tried to shoot a takedown, but Tony sprawled and got a tight front headlock on me. He went down on one knee and flipped me over with a fireman’s carry. Before I knew what hit me I was on my back with my face buried in his belly. We were sweaty and slippery and I managed to wriggle onto my stomach. Tony was a heavy dude and he was wearing me down with his relentless attacks. Suddenly I felt his arm between my legs as he attempted a cradle. I couldn’t fight him any longer, he was too strong. He locked up his hands and rocked me back. I was straining and grimacing, trying to save my self from getting pinned just as another pair of wrestlers rolled into us. The controlling wrestler shoved his opponent’s face right into mine and applied a painful submission hold. We looked into each other’s eyes as our opponent’s worked us over. Tony was about to pin me, but at least I wasn’t in agony like this guy. He let out a deep growl and cried out “I give! I give!” I felt his warm breath on my cheek as he pleaded for mercy. His opponent set him free and he flopped on the mat, peering into my eyes as Tony drove my shoulders into the mat. “ughhhh,” I groaned as Tony finished me off. The defeated wrestler next to me slapped the mat hard and yelled “pin!” And leapt to his feet to raise Tony’s arm in victory before I could even get up off the mat.

Most of the guys were sitting around the mat by this time. I figured things were winding down and practice would soon be over. But what they were waiting for was the grand finale of the night. The alpha male match between the two biggest studs in the room – namely Tony and this buzzcut army guy named Hector.

Hector was built like a tank with a massive chest and thick hairy legs. He wore a pair of white square cuts that were nearly see through from all the sweat and black wrestling shoes.

They met each other in the center of the mat and had a stare down until Alvin pushed the two apart and blew a whistle to start the match. They crashed into each other like sumo wrestlers. Tony managed to wrap his arms around Hector’s chest and slide them up underneath his hairy armpits. He tried to get some leverage and let out a massive grunt as he heaved the big man up off his feet. Hector moaned as Tony and slammed him down to the mat. The other guys were getting worked up as the two studs battled. The spectacle of them tangled up in a huge mass of sweaty muscle was giving me a boner. I wasn’t the only one. Several of the others were stroking their cocks as they watched. With each grunt and groan my erection got harder. Suddenly the guy next to me reached over and grabbed hold of my shaft. I was a little shocked, but it seemed like everyone was starting to grab a buddy and jerk him off.

The caretaker Enrique who I had beaten up earlier was working himself to climax. Suddenly he stripped off his shorts, got to his feet and rubbed his naked cock harder. The other guys followed his lead. We left a ring of sweaty lycra and jocks around the mat as we circled Tony and Hector as they wrestled.

It looked like Hector was in trouble. Tony had mounted him and was driving his elbow into his head, ensuring that he would have a very stiff neck in the morning. Hector wrapped his hands behind Tony’s neck and pulled him in toward his chest. He wrapped his legs tight around Tony’s body and grunted as he started to gain control.

The sight of them writhing around was too much. I was about to cum and it looked like I wasn’t alone. We closed in tighter around the two wrestlers and almost in unison we all started groaning as warm semen rushed from our cocks and rained down on the big dudes on the mat. Tony took a huge load on the back of his head. Big white globs of fresh spunk clung to his black spikey hair. Hector got a faceful, but most of it landed on their torsos, and the mat, making it even hard for them to get a firm hold.

We all stood around as our hairy cocks went limp and watched as Tony and Hector slid around the mat, slipping out of each other holds as they tried desperately to get a submission out of each other. Suddenly, Hector managed to climb on Tony’s back and slip his arm under his chin.

“Shit!” Tony screamed as Hector secured the choke. Hector grimaced as he inhaled a big drop of cum that was still stuck to Tony’s sweaty head. But that was a small price to pay for victory. Hector squeezed harder as we all knelt down to get a closer look. Tony was struggling to breathe. His face was beet red. It was over. Tony slapped the mat furiously and Hector released his grip.

Hector let out a whoop as we all cheered. He grabbed Tony by the hair and lifted his head up, using his other arm to flex his bicep. Then he rubbed Tony’s face into the sweaty cum soaked mat to humiliate him further.

But it didn’t end there. Hector pulled down Tony’s shorts, revealing his big smooth ass. I was a little shocked by what was happening. Hector pulled out his cock, which was already hard and plunged it into Tony’s ass. “Aaaarrrggghhh!” Tony moaned as Hector penetrated him. Hector flexed his guns as he worked over Tony’s asshole. Tony pounded the mat with his fist as Hector fucked him. Finally, Hector pulled his dick out of Tony and flipped his beaten opponent over to his back. Hector stood up, straddling his defeated foe and with a low moan he let out a thick, sticky stream of semen that dripped right onto Tony’s face.

Hector took his foot and spread the cum all over Tony’s mouth. Then he let out a sigh and walked off the mat. We all followed to the showers as Tony laid there, overcome by humiliation. I gave him my hand and helped him up.

“You guys wrestle for high stakes, don’t you?” I said.

“It’s OK, he replied, I did the same thing to him last week. This was his revenge. We both chuckled as we made our way to the showers.

There was quite a crowd as we all jammed in together. Our dicks were flapping against each other as we squeezed in to rinse off. There was lots of back slapping and male bonding. It was quite a night and an experience I’ll never forget. I just can’t believe that these guys do this every week!

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Defeated By A Smaller Man

I was visiting Vancouver with my buddy Jitender, an old wrestling buddy from high school. Jitender came from a long line of wrestlers in India and he was state champ in our highs school at 220 lbs. He also wrestled in college but eventually gave it up to concentrate on his studies.

We were on our way to my friend Hiroki’s place. Hiroki was this Japanese dude I met a while back, who turned out to be a great submission wrestler. He was only about 160 lbs. but he was a tough motherfucker and he loved to take down bigger guys and make them submit.


Hiroki had a spare bedroom in his apartment that he’d converted into a small wrestling room.  When Jitender and I arrived, Hiroki was just getting out of the shower and answered the door wearing only a towel. We entered his apartment and he waved us into the bedroom where he quickly dropped his towel onto the floor and began fishing around in a drawer for some clothes. Hiroki was around 40 years old, but he still had a rippling six pack and smooth defined pecs with nipples that just begged to be licked. He had very little body hair except for a thick carpet of wiry black pubes leading to his nice cut cock. Hiroki pulled a black jockstrap out of the drawer and then grabbed a skimpy pair of white lycra square cuts.

“You guys want to change up?” he asked as Jitender and I stood watching him get dressed.

We threw down our bags and stripped naked. Jitender was a big beefy dude with a nice hairy chest and forest of soft black pit hair. The fur on his belly blended in with his dense bush surrounding a cock that was as thick as a soda can. His balls were hairy and low hanging, but his ass wasn’t quite so furry – just a line of dark brown fuzz lining his crack.

Jitender didn’t bother with underwear. He took out a red lycra singlet and pulled it on. He also didn’t bother pulling the straps over his shoulders. Instead he tucked them inside so they were more like shorts.

I always wear a jock when I wrestle, so I slipped mine on and grabbed my black and white fight shorts.

“Alright dudes, let’s wrestle!” Hiroki said as he led us to the mat room.

“You guys go first, I’ll ref,” I said. Hiroki was obviously excited to take on Jitender. He knew he didn’t have much submission wrestling experience and he was eager to prove himself against such a big burly dude.

Hiroki and Jitender shook hands and went at it. Jitender easily took Hiroki down, and pinned him repeatedly, but that wasn’t the object here. And he was about to find out that size doesn’t matter so much when it comes to submission style. Hiroki was on his back, but managed to catch Jitender in a triangle. The big man got to his feet and tried to shake Hiroki off, but Hiroki was climbing all over him like a monkey and maneuvered onto Jitender’s back.

Before the big Indian man knew what hit him, Hiroki had sunk his arm around his neck, pulled him down to the mat and started choking him out. His drove his ankles down deep into Jitender’s hairy thighs and he began to constrict his hold around his neck. I stuck my head into the action and asked Jitender if he was ready to give up. He was grunting and struggling to breathe. He couldn’t quite believe that this little Japanese guy was doing this to him, but he also seemed to realize that he was beat and there was nothing he could do about it. Finally, Jitender tapped, unable to say the words “I give.”

Hiroki loosened the hold so the big man could breathe, but he wasn’t done. Jitender tried to get up, but Hiroki still was controlling him. Then Hiroki reached down and slid his hand into Jitender’s singlet. Jitender looked shocked as Hiroki grabbed onto his thick cock. Using his feet, Hiroki peeled Jitender’s singlet down revealing his hardening penis. Hiroki moved his hand up to Jitender’s head, rubbing it in his hair to get some sweat for lubricant. Then he came back rubbing Jitender’s cock until it was rock solid and the big man was groaning in a mixture of agony and ecstasy. As Hiroki pumped harder, Jitender seized up and let out a load moan as thick white semen gushed out of his cock and onto the mat. Hiroki finally let go and pushed Jitender onto his belly – right into a puddle of his own cum. Hiroki got up and placed his right foot on the fallen giant’s back and I raised his arm in victory.

“OK buddy, you’re next,” Hiroki said to me.

Jitender rolled over and slowly got up.  He felt totally humiliated and his belly hair was matted down with sticky dried cum, but he had work to do. He had to referee my match with Hiroki.

Hiroki and I approached each other cautiously. I found myself on my back with Hiroki on top in the north-south position, which is basically like 69. All I could see was his bulging balls and the black outline of his jockstrap in his tight white shorts. He lowered his balls onto my face and I caught his head in between my legs. We squeezed each other tight and both started to get hard as we rubbed out crotches in each other’s face.

Finally Hiroki broke the hold and swung around to face me. I must have been distracted at this point because somehow Hiroki got me in one of his killer headlocks and squeezed so hard I thought he was going to rip my head off. I was in trouble. I could see Jitender watching me struggle as my smaller opponent took control. “Give up?” Jitender asked. I held out for a minute longer, but Hiroki was too strong. He had me and I had to admit defeat. I slapped the mat furiously with my left hand and Hiroki let go. I could breathe again. It felt great.

But a second later I looked up to see Hiroki’s hairy dick hanging down above my head. He grabbed me by the hair and drove his cock into my mouth. I swallowed it and began to suck. Hiroki thrust harder, fucking my face and suddenly pulled out. He shoved my head down to the mat and exploded in a shower of warm milky cum. It sprinkled all over my face and dripped down my nose and my cheeks like a hot salty rainstorm. Hiroki let out a long deep groan and slowly stood up. He pressed his bare foot against my face and rubbed his cum over my face. His balls dangled over me as Jitender raised his arm in victory.

I grabbed a handful of the champ’s spunk and started to jerk off. What an incredible sight: a 160lb. Japanese guy demolishing two big men like us and leaving us humiliated and soaked with cum. I shot my wad as Hiroki looked down at me and smiled. He grabbed my semen soaked hand and lifted me up. Then gave me a sticky pat on the back as we all piled into the shower.

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Sweat Wrestling: My Initiation to a Korean Wrestling Team

I was doing my junior year abroad at the Seoul University. I’m not Korean, but I grew up near Koreatown in LA and ended up learning the language because so many of my friends spoke it.

I had been wrestling since I was a freshman in high school, and didn’t want to give it up while I was overseas, so one of the first things I did after enrolling was join the wrestling club. The first day I walked into the gym I couldn’t believe how buff all the guys on the team were. All Korean men have to join the military for 2 years before college, so that really whips them into shape. And the wrestling team at the university was one of the best in the country. A lot of these guys are Olympic athletes.

I went to the locker room to change up. As I peeled off my underwear, a big husky dude walked up to me — probably in my weight class i figured since I was around 96kg now. He stood there in front of me for a few seconds not knowing what to make of this naked white guy. Finally I said hi in Korean and asked him his name. He was relieved that I spoke Korean and told me his name was Jin. His face lit up when I said I was joining the team.

“We can be training partners!” he said. I nodded excitedly and he walked over to his locker to fish out his jockstrap and singlet. The straps of his jock cupped his big smooth ass and you could see the outlines as he puled his tight singlet over it.

I suited up and walked out onto the mats. Our coach started yelling instructions and we did a pretty intense warmup. One of the exercises I had to grab Jin around his big waist, pick him up off the mat and heave him upside down. The one of us would bear hug the other and swing him from side to side. We were covered in each other’s sweat before we even started wrestling.

Finally we started some live goes — no time limit. We wrestled until one of us pinned the other. Jin sprang at me and took me down. I squirmed onto my belly as he climbed on my back, driving his slick arm under my wet, hairy armpit and clamping his hand at the bottom of my head. He tried to turn me, but i flattened out and after a while he gave up on that tactic and tried to spin around to face me.

As i felt his warm heavy body move off my back, i hunched back on my knees and we locked up in a kneeling position. I pressed my slippery forehead into his and we looked into each other’s eyes as we panted for breath.

We got to our feet, still grabbing hold of each other and i shot for a takedown. Jin tried to sprawl but I guided my hands up toward the straps of his jock and made him almost sit in my hands. That gave me a hold to lift him off his face and drive him onto his back. He was in trouble and he knew it. I noticed that some of the other wrestlers had taken a break to watch this foreigner take down their big boy. Jin tried to bridge, but i clamped onto him. The faint smell of body odor and deodorant drifted up from his armpit as he struggled to push me off him. “Ahhhh…. chhhh,” he groaned — saliva spraying from his mouth and onto my face — as he tapped his testosterone reserves one last time. It was no use. He gave up and collapsed. I bore down hard, pressing his big shoulders into the mat. I knew I had him. The big dude was mine. As I looked down at my helpless giant, Jin squinted. Sweat was pouring off my face right into his eyes. Finally I released my hold and let him go as the other wrestlers stood around us in a circle clapping. I got up and looked down at my big defeated opponent. I had proved myself today and they all seemed to respect me.

We all piled into the lockerroom as practice finished up. There was one big shower room with heads going around the wall and we all crowded in. Koreans are very casual about nudity. They were soaping each other up and brushing up against each other, their wet sudsy cocks wagging.

Suddenly it was decided that we all go to a public bath. These are very common in Korea and sually very nice. You go in totally naked – not towels or anything. Apparently there was one owned by the coach that was exclusively for wrestlers. They said there was even a wrestling mat in one of the saunas for high stakes matches. I wasn’t sure what that was, but Jin looked and me and nodded. I think he wanted revenge.

So we all dried off and walked a couple blocks to this nondescript building with no signage. We too the elevator to the 12th floor and there was an old guy at the desk who seemed to know everyone as we walked in.

We went to the lockerroom and stripped naked and began the process of scrubbing each other down before we set foot in any of the pools of hot mineral water.

I sat down on a little stool and turned on the water when this guy I hadn’t even met yet pulled up another little stool and started washing my back. “Later we can wrestle some more, but a different kind of wrestling – more dangerous,” he said. I started feeling a little bit scared, but lost all my inhibitions when he had me get up and lean over so he could clean my anus with the sponge. After that he ran his soapy hands up my thighs and scrubbed on either side of my balls, momentarily slipping his index finger up my anus again to make sure that was squeaky clean.

He rinsed me off and took his place in front of a water tap. It was my turn to wash him, I guessed. So I took the sponge and ran it down his smooth chiseled abs, stopping at his crop of thick black pubes. The soap side drizzled down his cock and i found myself leaning into him, resting my chin on his forehead and brushing his cauliflowered ear with my nose.

I slid the sponge down more, rubbing his penis and making him hard. I rubbed the soap into his pubic hair, making a thick lather to lubricate my finger as i slid it up his asshole. I had one hand on his cock and one up his ass and he sounded like he was about to burst.

Suddenly his whole body seized up and cum flooded out of his cock and onto the show wall. Without acknowledging that anything had happened he took the shower head and rinse off the semen off his penis.

Now we were ready to joint the other wrestlers who were soaking in the hot mineral water. By new buddy and I were both flaccid now and our cocks flopped around as we made our way over. After a few minutes of soaking everyone started moving to another room. Jin signaled for me to join. He led me into this big cave-like room with a wrestling mat in the middle. It was hot. This was a dry sauna and we were all sweating already. Two of the lighter weight wrestlers rant to the center of the mat and faced each other in a square stance.

Suddenly they sprang into action. One of them managed to get a headlock on the other and threw him to the mat. His dick slapped against his leg as he hit the mat and tried to turn to avoid getting pinned. They were both so sweaty that neither could get a good hold. And the mat was so wet they were just sliding around. It was like oil wrestling, but really it was sweat wrestling.

The naked wrestlers slid over to the side of the mat where i was sitting just as one of them sunk a nice cradle onto his opponent. All I could see was this guys big hairy balls and his thigh hole as he tried desperately to kick free. Too late, one of the other guys slapped a puddle of sweat on the mat and declared the match finished. The beaten wrestler looked pretty devastated. I figured that maybe he had gotten groped pretty hard in the action, but that wasn’t it.

He kneeled down in the referee’s position and the winner came up behind him with a rock hard erection. Two other guys came up and slipped a condom onto his rod and instead of squirting on some lube, the ran their fingers through his har and rubbed his sweat over his cock. Then the bent down and helped spread the defeated wrestler’s ass cheeks as the winner plunged into him.

“Ahhhhhh!!” he cried as the champion rode him.

Shut up he ordered as he grabbed the back of his head and rubbed it in the mat. The beaten man’s cries turned into quiet moans the champ pumped harder. We all looked on in silence. ALl you could hear was the rythmic slap of champions pelvis into the defeated man’s ass. The champ withdrew suddenly, peeled off the condom and turned his fallen prey over to his back. To humiliate him even more he sat on his chest and spewed right in the guy’s face.

He got up put one foot on his opponents belly as another wrestler held his hand up in victory. The beaten man slunk over to a corner. He wasn’t even allowed to go wash off the cum. He had to sit there till we were through with the champion’s semen on his face.

I looked up and Jin was standing in front of me. It was time.

We locked up and pushed each other around for a while, trying to secure some kind of hold. I managed to slip both my arms under his armpits, but my hands were so sweaty i couldn’t lock them behind him. I tried to get down more, rubbing my face all over his sweaty chest, but that didn’t work either. We broke apart and Jin went in for a single leg takedown. He straddled my leg, and i could feel his cock pressing against my knee. His wiry pubes were wet and soft, sticking against my leg. The mat was so slick that i lost my balance and fell. Jin came down on me with his full weight. I could barely breathe and the heat was making it worse. I wanted to give up, but Jin was pretty well hung and I knew that cock would hurt going in.

We slid around on the mat for a while all of the sudden, Jin somehow got some leverage and flipped me onto my back. But he wasn’t facing me. I looked up to see his big smooth brown ass covering my face. I didn’t even know if I was pinned, but boy did I have a face full of him. I was groaning and gasping for air at the same time. Jin had his head on my belly and pulled up a little big so his big hairy balls spilled over my mouth. I felt him press my shoulders into the mat and then he sat up, sitting directly on my face.

He beat me and he was enjoying it. He let up a little and moved forward as another wrestler drove my mouth into his anus. “Lick it loser!” Jin yelled. I stuck my tongue out and slipped it up his sweaty hole. I knew were were going to be wrestling buddies, but I didn’t realize we’d be this close. Jin moaned as my tongue darted in and out, his sphincter quivering a i blew cold air on it.

Then Jin got off me and ordered another wrestler to spladle me. This was humiliation. I got to my hands and knees so another sweaty naked wrestler could wrap himself around me and stretch my ass wide open.

It a painful hold to being with, but it was even worse when Jin plowed into me. He grunted with each thrust, but i stopped myself from screaming. I didn’t want to give him that satisfaction.

He pulled out of me, ripped off the condom and stood up, shoving his cock in my face. Then he grabbed my head and shoved it into his penis. I opened my mouth and swallowed it. Jin seemed to like this even more because it just took a minute or so of work to get him to the verge. Jin was groaning louder now and I was waiting for him to pull out and cream all over my face, but suddenly I felt a gush of warm salty liquid pouring into my mouth. I kept sucking, trying to swallow ever bit of Jin’s spunk. Finally he was done. He stood up and dragged me to my feet too. The ref raised his hand in victory and Jin made m kiss his bicep as he flexed.

We sat down next to each other on the side of the mat to watch some other guys battle. I kept getting a hard on, so Jin jerked me off on some other wrestler who had just got beat. My white cum coated his black spiky hair and he had to keep it there will we were done.

After it wrapped up, we all went back to the shower room. We had a lot of cleaning up to do.

“How often do you guys do this?” I asked Jin. Only on special occasions he said. “This was your initiation to the wrestling team.”

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Twin Brothers Wrestling Battle

My twin brother Sam and me had been wrestling our whole lives and our dad even converted our basement into a wrestling room when we were in high school. It was summer now and Sam and I were home from college, living in our parents house while they were staying at our summer cottage in Virginia Beach.

Last weekend we ran into a couple of high school wrestling rivals, another set of twin brothers named Mark and Lamar Williams. We were all about the same weight and we had to wrestle these guys plenty of times over the year so we kind of got to know them pretty well. They were still in great shape and were both wrestling in college so we invited them over to our place for the weekend to hit the mats.

The doorbell rang and I ran upstairs to answer it. The two brothers were fine male specimens, both about 6’1″ with chiseled upper bodies and tightly cropped black curly hair. Lamar was wearing a white tank top. It clung to his smooth black skin, showing off his broad shoulders and sinewy arms. Mark was shirtless, his dark curly treasure trail disappearing into his black underarmour shorts.

“C’mon downstairs. You can throw your bags down there. It might even be more comfortable to sleep down on the mats. It gets pretty hot upstairs.”

The wrestling room was one big open space. Most of it was taken up by the big blue and white mat, and opposite that was a small gym with some free weights and a treadmill and bike and then next to that was the locker room, which was basically an open closet area for workout clothes and shoes and a communal shower with 4 shower heads. It was all open, so this was always a male-only part of the house, which meant all the brothers and my dad had to keep it clean.

Sam came thumping down the stairs and greeted Mark and Lamar. There was a lot of back slapping and joking and finally Sam said, “OK, let’s rassle!”

We all stripped down and dug out our jockstraps and singlets. Waistbands snapped against tight muscled torsos as we filled our pouches with our big hairy dicks. We laced up our Asics wrestling shoes and moved over to the mat to stretch.

“You kicked my ass last time, so it’s payback time!” Sam said to Lamar.

“Bring it, bitch!” he shot back and the two faced off in the center of the mat while Mark and I squatted next to each other on the edge.

Sam and Lamar tied up, pushing each other around and trying to find an opening.

“C’mon dude, we wrestlin’ or dancin’? Take a shot!” Sam taunted.

Lamar took him up on the offer, shooting a lightning fast single leg. Sam hopped around and tried to pivot as Lamar drove in and brought him down to the mat. Sam got to his belly and Lamar applied a painful hammerlock with one hand as he grabbed the back of Sam’s head with the other and rubbed his face in the mat.

“How’s that mat taste?” Lamar asked as Sam grunted, struggling to turn his head to the side.

Sam tried to get off his stomach, but Lamar slid his muscular legs down inside Sam’s hairy thighs and drove his arm underneath Sam’s chin. Lamar rolled onto his side and poured on the pressure.

“Arrgghhhh!” Sam groaned as Lamar stretched him out. Sam looked helpless with Lamar totally wrapped around him.

“Ya like that tough guy? Want some more?” Lamar said as he pulled up harder on my brother’s chin. Sam was completely immobilized. All you could see was his chest heaving as he gasped for air.

“C’mon Sam, you can take this!” I yelled, though I doubted he really could.

Mark was laughing. “Put him on his back, Lamar. Finish him off.”

Lamar’s singlet crept deep into his ass crack as he locked his legs around Sam’s left leg. His rock hard glutes  squeezed together as he wore my brother down. Sam tried to get free of Lamar’s chin lock, but it was no use. Sam panted and groaned as Lamar pulled his head down.

Mark and I pressed our heads to the mat, looking to see if Lamar had Sam pinned. Not quite, there was still about an inch of space between Sam’s shoulders and the mat.

It was almost like the four of us were wrestling at the same time. I could hear Sam’s low heavy grunts as sweat dripped off Lamar’s chin and onto my back. I felt his warm, steamy breath  on my ear. Finally Sam gave up. Lamar leaned in and I could see his wet shoulders press into the mat. Mark slapped the mat with all his might making a thunderous noise and Lamar released his hold.

Sam lay spread eagle on the mat, filling his lungs with air as Lamar jumped up and pumped the air with his fist a couple times to celebrate his victory over my brother. Sam got up and shook his head, chuckling. “Shit, what an ass kicking.” He and Lamar embraced in a sweaty man hug, slapping each other on the back.

The two guys collapsed against the wall in desperate need of some rest.

“Team Williams 1, Team Evans 0,” Mark said, looking at me. “Ready to make it 2-0?”

“You’re getting too cocky, dude. Let’s go!” I said.

I cheated a little bit and came after Mark before he was quite ready, but that let me sink a nice headlock on him and in a couple seconds I had him on the mat, struggling to avoid getting pinned.

“Muthafucker!” Mark screamed, but I just laughed.

“You gotta be ready,” I said as I squeezed his head as hard as I could. It wasn’t too long before he wriggled out of it and was on his hands and knees facing me. He came in at me and tried to push me over onto my back, but I reached behind him and sunk my fingers right into his anus. He was just wearing a jockstrap underneath so there was just a thin layer of lycra covering his hole. “Ahh!” he cried as I used his rectum as a handle to flip him over. We were in a mad scramble now. Mark got behind me and sunk his arm between my legs, locking onto his other arm and driving his bicep into my balls. His forearm pressed against my penis, making it really uncomfortable to stay on my belly. That was his plan. Before i knew it, i had given him enough space to maneuver so he got a cradle on me. I knew he had me as he rocked me over. Our brothers crowded around us as I kicked furiously to free myself. As Mark pinned me,  Lamar got in my face and whispered, “Another Evans boy down.”

I managed to get a ‘fuck you’ out, but he was right and at that moment I was totally helpless and defeated.

As soon as Mark released me from his grasp we were buds again. He put his arm around me and playfully patted my stomach. His warm, damp armpit hair felt coarse on my shoulder and I could feel a spray of sweat as I patted his slick, muscular back.

After a little rest, Lamar and Mark decided to wrestle each other for the championship. It was awesome to watch them go at it. They loved each other, but there was a deep rivalry, so the match was intense and very physical. Lamar was straddling Mark’s head at one point, but Mark drove through and and emerged between his brother’s legs, lifting him up so Lamar was upside down, sliding down Mark’s back till his head hit the mat and he was facing Mark’s ass. His nose went right into his brother’s ass crack for a minute while Mark kept tilting his head back to put pressure on Lamar’s balls.

But Lamar got his revenge. He eventually trapped his brother’s head in a figure 4, squeezing his face right into his balls as he pinned him. Sam and I had a hard time seeing if he was pinned or not, the two brothers were wrapped up like on big mass of muscled thighs and bulging balls. The crotch of Lamar’s singlet was covered with his brother’s saliva. Mark had been struggling to breathe while Lamar was pressing his manhood down on him. They both seemed relieved when I slapped the mat. They were so exhausted they just wanted it to be over.

We took a short break for lunch but then came back down to wrestle some more. This time we all wrestled at once. Sam and I were learning that we Lamar and Mark were just better than us now. And they loved to rub it in.  At one point they did simultaneous Saturday night rides on us, turning our heads so we could watch each other getting pinned by a Willams brother. Them as Sam and I lay on the mat recovering. Lamar and Mark came over and straddled us.

“You guys want to see what a champion tastes like?” Lamar asked.

Sam and I looked at each other and then back at Lamar who had pulled off the straps on his singlet and was sitting on my stomach bare-chested.

“Answer the man!” Mark ordered, slapping Sam on the cheek.

“Yeah. what does a champ taste like?” Sam replied.

Lamar stood up and peeled off his singlet and jock revealing his big erect rod.

Mark grabbed Sam and me by the back of the head and dragged us over in front of him. We kneeled down and Mark positioned our faces on either side of Lamar’s dick. We started to lick. His cock was all salty from the sweat, but it somehow tasted good. Sam and I ran our tongues down both side of his shaft as it hardened even more and throbbed. I moved my mouth to the tip of his penis and swallowed it whole while Same moved down to lick Lamar’s hairy balls. Sam came up and we traded off. Lamar was groaning in ecstasy and it seemed like he was about to cum. I didn’t want Sam to get his whole load so I moved my mouth up his penis and tried to push my brother away. Sam wanted it all to himself so he fought back. There wasn’t much time. Lamar was about to cum. Just then, Mark grabbed our hair and pulled us off Lamar, kneeling down in front of his brother just as Lamar blew his huge hot, creamy load all over Mark’s face.

Sam and I pounced on him, lapping up as much of Lamar’s salty semen as we could. As we licked Mark’s cum covered face, Lamar pulled us back to clean off his shaft.

When we were done with that, Lamar went behind Mark and hoisted him up, like he was about to throw him to the mat. Mark’s dick bounced up and down.

“Come suck my brother,” Lamar said.

Sam and I were happy to oblige. We licked Mark’s cock like a lollipop until Lamar pulled his brother’s big penis away and told us to assume the referee’s position on the mat.

I heard the sound of condom wrappers opening and then felt Lamar’s finger, coated with cool wet lube slide up my anus. The Williams twins made Sam and I face each other as they fucked us. It was like a final humiliation after our beatings on the mat. Sam’s face was contorted in pain as Mark rode him hard. I was just amazed that Lamar could still get it up after spewing that huge load of spunk earlier. He really was a champ. His dick was stiff as a board as he plowed my ass.

Mark was obviously about to cum. He pulled his cock out of my brother’s anus and shoved him onto his back. Ripping off the condom, he straddled Sam and began masturbating.

“Ohhhhh” he groaned as semen streamed from his penis onto my brother’s face. Lamar pulled his cock out of my anus and did the same thing to me.

As we laid there with faces full of Williams brothers cum, the two black studs squirted lube all over our penises and rubbed us until we were both about to cum. Lamar picked me up and threw me on top of Sam, then slid his over my penis again and pumped away Mark did the same to Sam and within a minute we were there. I felt an incredible release as I Sam and I emptied our loads onto each other. Mark and Lamar piled on top so we were one big sweaty, cum soaked pile of men.

After a while we all got up and hit the showers, Mark and I washed each other and Lamar and Sam soaped each other up. We dried off and as we pulled on our underwear, Lamar asked what the plan was for tomorrow.

“Same again, i said.”

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Submission Wrestling at the Barn – Tag Team Action

The last time dad and I went to the barn to wrestle, it was a folkstyle wrestling day. Today we were headed back, but it was going to be submission wrestling. When we arrived there was the usual crowd of guys but some new faces too. As usual, it was a big range of ages, from high school guys to men in their 60s. Basically a hairy cock and a love of wrestling was all you needed to be welcomed. Dress code for today was square cut fight shorts and jockstraps.

Dad and I stripped down and fished around in our gym bags for our gear. This guy Rob who we met the last time was getting changed next to us. He was in his late 20s and chiseled. His abs were a work of art — totally smooth and rippling, but he had a nice carpet of light brown fur around his long cock and low-hanging balls.

“Hey guys, back again?” he asked?

“Yeah,” I replied. I’m actually better at sub wrestling so wanted to see if I can do a little better this time.

Rob had pulled up jis jock strap now and was stepping into his white fight shorts. “I’m more of a greco guy myself, but I’m starting to get into grappling.”

“See you on the mats,” he said as he went downstairs.

We followed him down a few minutes later. Dad and I had matching fight shorts — black with blue lettering on the ass. We were kind of hoping we could find a couple guys to wrestle a tag team match with.

Rob was talking to Nick, the old guy who wiped the mat with me last time. They were both wearing white fight shorts and that made me think they might be a good tag team for us to go against. I really want to be able to beat Nick. He humiliated me last time and I wanted revenge.

“Hey, you guys want to wrestle a tag team match with us?” I asked.

Nick looked at me and laughed. “You back for some more are you? The last time I saw you, your ass was in the air and you had a face full of mat”

“Now it’s your turn, bitch,” I said.

“Sounds good to me, Uncle Nick, what do you think,” Rob said.

I didn’t realize Nick was Rob’s uncle. This was kind of perfect then, Uncle and nephew vs. father and son.

“Yeah, let’s make them beg for mercy,” Nick replied.

We agreed that you had to both tap and say “I give” to signal defeat. And whichever team was the first to win two submissions would be the winners.

Nick and I were up first.

He came at me to lock up like regular wrestling, but this was submission style and I could tell the old man wasn’t used to it. I decided to do something that would completely throw him off guard so I immediately grabbed hold of his arm and did a flying armbar. Before he had any idea what was happening, I had slammed him to the mat and was extending his arm as he screamed in pain and kicked his legs. I could hear my dad whoop with delight as I worked over this old man. “Shit!” I heard Rob yell as he watched his uncle struggle to get out of the hold. But Nick was strong as hell and somehow managed to wriggle free.

He sat on the mat with his legs up, waiting for me to come into his guard. I grabbed one of his hairy legs and clamped onto his ankle, as I fell to the mat. I twisted his ankle some more and Nick was writhing, beating the mat with his fist. “Awwhhhhhh!” he cred as I heaped on the pressure.

“Ready to give up old man?” I asked. He looked back at me. Sweat was dripping off his chin, but he show his balding head and said no, even as he grimaced with pain as I continued cranking. He rolled onto his side and took me with him and then i felt his foot jam into my ass. He had good aim because his big to was digging right into my anus.

I let out an “ugghhh!” and before I knew it had involuntarily loosened my hold so nick could get out. He sprang to his feet and came after me, but i wrapped my arms under his chin and flipped him over. The I rolled over until I was on top of him. It was prefect. His head was trapped between my thighs as I twisted his arm and tortured his elbow. I squeezed my legs tighter around his head so his mouth was about a centimeter below my balls. I didn’t want to press my balls against his mouth because I was afraid he might bite them. So I just stayed there for a minute or so and let him struggle. His face was beet red as he looked up helplessly at my bulging cock. “want to give up now or do you want to feel some more pain?”

He looked up at me, gritted his teeth and growled.

“OK,” I said and put more pressure on his elbow. He screamed out in pain and then began furiously slapping the mat. “Is that a tap?” I asked.

“Yes, yes!” he cried. “I give up!”

I released the hold and slid forward a little so I was sitting right on his face as I flexed my biceps and yelped in victory. Dad cheered loudly and tousled Rob’s soft brown hair as they watched me rub my sweaty crotch all over Nick’s face.

“1-0. you ready to wrestle?”

Rob looked kind of pissed as his uncle pulled his head from between my legs and rolled onto his belly. Nick wasn’t used to getting beat. His whole head was red and he pounded his fist down on the mat in anger.

He sat down next to Rob and told him to rip my dad’s nuts off.

Dad and Rob walked out onto the mat and started circling each other. Rob got down low and as Dad lunged toward him, he sat back on the mat with his legs spread wide open. You could see the lines of his jockstrap, where it spread out from the pouch to cradle his round ass cheeks. Dad came at him like he was going to get in his guard, but instead he literally jumped on his chest and drove his knees into Rob’s hairy armpits. Dad grabbed hold of the back of Rob’s head and pulled his face up toward his crotch. Rob’s nose was buried in Dad’s bulging lycra shorts as he grunted and tried to buck Dad off his chest. Dad wrapped his furry muscular thighs around Rob’s head and leaned onto his side, taking Rob with him. Dad was on his back and Rob was kind of kneeling, when Dad grabbed one of his arms and pulled him into a tight triangle. Rob was gasping for breath, but Dad poured on the hurt. Finally Rob tapped dad’s leg furiously, signaling defeat. Dad eased up so he could breathe and Rob yelled out. “Owwhhhhh! I give, dude, I give!”

The two men stood up and Rob raised Dad’s arm in victory. sweat dripped down both of their armpits as Dad let out a “Yeah!”

The wrestling match was over and we had won, so it was time to humiliate our opponents. They knew what was coming. That’s the way it worked at the barn.

Nick and Rob laid down next to each other. I bent down and grabbed ahold of Nick’s damp shorts and pulled them off. Then I went for my trophy — his sweaty jockstrap. As I peeled it off him, his big hairy cock flopped on his belly. I took his jock and rubbed it into Nick’s face a little. He flinched and turned his mouth so he wouldn’t have to taste it. I tucked it into the back of my shorts a little for safe keeping as i straddled Nick’s head and sat down on his chest.

I watched Dad humiliate Rob in the same way. It felt so good that we had taken these two guys out. I was afraid they were going to beat us. Now they were gonna get their faces full of our man juice.

Dad and I gabbed hold of our cocks and started rubbing till they got hard and poked out of our lycra shorts. We pulled down the fronts a little to get out cocks out and when they were nice and hard started pumping. We stroked and stroked until we were both close to ejaculating. “You ready to blow?” Dad asked me. “Yup. On three,” I replied.

“Make sure you shoot all over his face .. One, Two, Three””

“Unnnggghhh … Awhhhhh….” we both growned as hot thick spunk shot out of our shafts. Nick grimaces as the semen squited out on him — some on his forehead and some on his nose and mouth. It dripped down his cheeks and onto the mat. I looked over and saw Rob turn his head as Dad shot his wad, but that just made it drip down his nose and his mouth.

After we were done, we both slid our asses up onto their faces and rubbed their noses into our ass cracks. the semen was still warm and slick so we slid back and forth over their faces, laughing as Nick and Rob suffered even more humiliation.

It wasn’t over, though. We got up and looked down at their sticky wet faces for a second, when Dad said. “Rob, kiss your uncle. Put you tongue right down his throat.”

“What?” he asked. “You heard me.” Dad bent down and dragged Rob around by his ankles, tossing him on top of his naked uncle. Their dicks pressed against each other as Rob did as he was told. He rubbed his cum soaked lips against Nick’s and Nick opened his mouth, letting his nephew inside. Soon they were tongue wrestling and their dicks started getting hard. Nick pulled out and moved his head down to Rob’s bushy cock and swallowed it whole, pumping up and down until Rob was close to orgasm. Nick pulled his mouth off his cock and grabbed it with his hand, stroking it until Rob erupted, squirting even more semen onto Nick’s face. Rob looked kind of started by what just happened, but snapped out of it as Nick grabbed him in a headlock and threw him onto the mat. Nick forced his head down to his cock and made Rob suck it. Nick wiped some of the cum of his face and rubbed it into Rob’s hair as his 25-year-old nephew got him off. Nick was on the verge of orgasm and Rob tried to pull away, but Nick wouldn’t let him. Suddenly Rob started to gag as Nick unleashed a river of cum into his mouth. He only released him when he was done.

Dad and I still had hard-ons after watching all that and we each managed o knock another one out after that display.

The four of us then went up to the showers, changed and left the barn. We were all looking forward to a rematch.

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My Initiation to Turkish Oil Wrestling

I  was on my way to visit my college buddy Mehmet in his hometown of Izmir, Turkey. Mehmet and I wrestled in the same weight class in college – 197 lbs. So on my trip to Turkey, he wanted to show me how Turks wrestle. He warned me that it was a little more “intimate” than I was used to, but I’m an open-minded guy and I love to try new things, so I wanted to give it a shot.

When I got to Mehmet’s house, he rushed out and gave me a bear hug, lifting me off my feet for a few seconds as a big group of burly wrestlers gathered around me. Mehmet introduced me to them all, but I couldn’t really remember any of their names. It didn’t matter though, they were all just excited to show me how to wrestle Turkish-style.

We piled into the back of a truck and one of Mehmet’s uncles drove us to the wrestling stadium. There was going to be a huge wrestling tournament in a few days, but it hadn’t started yet, so this would just be an informal practice. But there were going to be a lot of wrestlers there because they were all getting ready for the big event.

When we arrived, I followed the other guys into a small room, which I guess was the locker room since everyone started stripping down as soon as we got in.

“So do you have something for me to wear?” I asked Mehmet.

“Yeah,” he replied. ” I have a spare kispet that you can use. It should fit since we are the same weight. But they are meant to be really tight so it’s gonna take some effort to get it on.”

He wasn’t kidding.

I slid one leg after the other into the stiff leather kispet and pulled it up, but about half way up my thighs I got stuck. The other guys, who were mostly naked themselves at this point,  closed in around me, each taking a grip of the waist and pulling upward. I tucked my penis into the front pouch and felt the rear of the kispet slide over my ass.  I was relieved to see that I wasn’t the only one who needed some help suiting up. Across the room a few other wrestlers were struggling to get a big hairy guy into his kispet also.

After we had all put on our leather trousers, we headed out of the dressing room to oil up. Mehmet went to get a big jug that looked like an old-fashioned coffee pot full of olive oil. He began pouring it over my back as two other wrestlers rubbed it into my skin. Then he dumped a big splash onto my chest and I massaged it into my hairy pecs. Then came the bottom half. Mehmet went behind me and pulled the back of my kispet so there was a gap between the garment and my ass and he drizzled olive oil down my ass crack and over my butt cheeks. He worked his way around, oiling my waist and outer thighs until he came to the front. He pulled my kispet open and poured oil all over my penis. I rubbed it into my thick brown pubic hair and over my balls.

Mehmet handed me the jug and I repeated the drill on him, drizzling oil all over his body, and watching it drip down his treasure trail, getting lost in a dark forest of bush.

“I’m gonna give you a crash course on this and then you can take on one of the other guys. I think they all want to wrestle you,” Mehmet said.

“OK, the first thing you gotta know is that there’s no room for shyness in this sport. The only way you are going to be able to hold on to your opponent is the shove you arm down his kispet and use that as leverage. They’re going to expect you to hesitate grabbing them, but don’t. Half the time your forearm is going to be jammed up your opponent’s ass and your gonna have to shove your hands down his front to get a hold there too. His dick’s gonna be pressed against your knuckles, but just ignore that. There’s a bunch of stuff that is illegal, like grabbing your opponent’s balls, but that is common. If you get a chance to squeeze his privates without getting caught, do it. They’ll do the same to you. It’s a rough sport.”

I basically knew all that already, so I nodded my head and Mehmet and I locked up as best we could, but the oil meant that keeping a grip was impossible. I slid right off him and Mehment kicked one of my legs out from under me so I went down on all fours. He came down on top of me with a reverse body lock, but i pulled back and slid out from his arms. I put my weight back onto my heels and attempted to sit up, but Mehmet grabed hold of the front of my kispet and pulled down hard. I felt his warm fingers sliding through my pubes as he worked his way deeper inside my pants. I felt slightly embarrassed, but remembered his pep talk and instead of pulling back, which was my natural inclination, I lunged forward to try to get a hold of the front of his kispet too. I felt my oily balls slide up his hairy forearm as I reached out and caught hold of his kispet. I pulled down on the wet leather and probed further, feeling my way around his balls to grab at his inner thigh. By this time, Mehmet had pulled his arm around me so it was pressed against my left butt cheek. I could feel him going lower down my leg and then suddenly he burst upward, carrying me with him. He came to his feet. I tried to to grab hold of his leg, but i slipped off and he threw me down on the grass on my back. Mehmet pulled his arm from my kispet and slapped me on my chest, laughing. He squeezed my hand and helped me to my feet.

“So what do you think?” he asked, still chuckling.

“Well, I have to admit even though you warned me, that I was a little startled when you rammed your arm down my pants, but once I got over that, it was fun,” I said.

“OK, let’s get you set up with a real match now.”

We walked toward some of the other guys on the sidelines and they sprang up to greet us. They were all so eager to wrestle a foreigner. I was afraid I was going to have to go up against one of their best. But they seemed to defer to the most senior guy, Kadir. He was probably in his mid-50s and had obviously been wrestling a long time, judging from his cauliflowered ears and his muscular body. He was mostly bald but still had a little bit of tightly cropped hair on the sides.  His chest was carpeted by a thick layer of curly black hair that extended to his shoulders and his lower back.

Kadir held out his hand and I shook it, but he pulled me beside him and grabbed my other hand with his left hand and smiled as some of the others took pictures.

“They’ve never had a foreigner come here to wrestle,” Mehmet said.

“But I’ll warn you now, Kadir knows every dirty trick in the book and he might put your balls through the ringer.”

“But he seems so nice,” I joked.

Kadir and I went out to the field where several other pairs of wrestlers were already going at it.

We circled for a few seconds before locking up. Again, I started sliding off him, but instead of pulling away, Kadir brought me closer into kind of a bear hug. Our chests collided with a splat as oil and sweat dripped off of us. We pushed against each other. Kadir shoved me back a little and then took a swing at me with an open hand. I felt a hard smack on my ear as he grabbed the back of my head. I shoved him off and did the same to him, which made me smile.

The big man went for a take down, but i stepped back out of range. He was quick for his size and his age, though, and before I knew it he was in back of me with his arms wrapped around my waist. I let our a deep grunt as he squeezed my belly and threw me to the ground. I landed on my side and he pivoted around in back of me.

He plunged his big muscled arm down the back of my kispet. I was waiting for him to grab hold of my balls and squeeze, but that isn’t what happened. Instead, he worked his hand down between my legs and straddled my testicles with his index and middle fingers. he rubbed a little bit, which tickled, and then he started working his thumb into my anus, deeper and deeper until it was all the way in.

I almost forgot that we were still wrestling. It felt kind of good, but i really wanted to beat this guy. I attempted to turn things around, reaching over to grab his leg. His thumb popped out of my ass and he attempted to get me by the balls. But i was moving too quickly and my balls were too oily and sweaty.

I had maneuvered myself so I was now facing him. I wrapped my arms around Kadir’s barrel-like upper body and reached down his back to try to grab the back of his kispet. But Kadir took advantage of his position underneath me. He reached down the front of my kispet and grasped my cock in the palm of his hand. It was amazing that no one could see what was going in, but it just looked like he was trying to grab my leg. He rubbed my oiled penis until it was fully erect.

Meanwhile, I was able to get my hand down Kadir’s kispet enough to get hold of his anus with my fingers.

“Ooohhhh,” he groaned as I penetrated his ass.

But that just made him pump me faster. I couldn’t believe this. I was supposed to be in the middle of a wrestling match and I was about to blow my wad. There were about 20 other guys around me, but they were all focused on their own matches so weren’t paying attention to what we were doing. Kadir was rubbing his head against my belly as i rubbed my nipples against his wet, hairy back. He just about had me. I knew I was going to squirt any second.

“Awwwww, uggghhhh,” I cried as I felt three days worth of warm spunk gush out of my shaft.

As soon as I had ejaculated, Kadir flipped me to my back and pinned me. He pulled his had out of my pants and rubbed my warm semen all over my face.

The next thing i knew, Kadir was stand over me with his arms over his head in victory. I felt cool drops of sweat drip from his chest hair onto my belly as I laid on the ground, soaking wet with sweat, oil and cum.

Kadir offered me his hand and pulled me up. I was spent and beaten. We went over to the sidelines and sat down. I noticed that a lot of the wrestlers were resting their heads on their buddies’ bellies or legs and others embraced each other. No one thought anythng of it. So I followed their lead, plunking my sweaty head down on Kadir’s belly. He wrapped his arm around me as another wrestler scooted in between my legs. I draped my arms around his chest and we spent the next hour or so watching the other guys wrestle.

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Wrestling at the Barn

Mike and his dad lived in a big farmhouse out in the country. They had invited my dad and me to join their weekly wrestling session in the barn. We drove up to the big old building and got out of the car to have a look. The barn door was open so we went in. They had quite a set-up in there. There was a huge wrestling mat covering most of the floor. Along the back wall were some racks with freeweights, and a treadmill and an exercise bike. Above that was a loft they had converted into a lockerroom.

There were already a bunch of guys there. Some were stretching, others were doing some light lifting and four guys were already on the mat.

Mike’s dad, Ben, saw us come in and waved to us from the loft. “Hey guys! Glad you made it. Come up here to get changed.”

We made our way up the stairs and Ben showed us where to put our stuff. It was pretty basic, just a few benches and a big open shower area with six nozzles. As we stripped down, Ben explained that he and Mike had been hosting these wrestling sessions every Saturday for the past few years. “There’s about 30-40 guys who come here from all over the state. A lot of guys stop wrestling after high school because there just isn’t any opportunity to continue, even if they want to. So this is a way that guys can keep wrestling as long as they want. We’ve got some wrestlers here just out of high school, but we also have a few over 60,” he said.  “Actually, if you look over there on the mat now, that’s Nick. He’s 62 years old and he’s beating on that 20 year old.”

We looked across and saw a muscular, but balding silver-haired guy wearing short, old-style blue singlet wrapping up this shirtless blond military  guy in a cradle. The young stud struggled for a little bit, but finally admitted defeat and the old man let him up.

“So when you get suited up, just come down and feel free to challenge anyone. More likely, since your fresh meat, the guys will pounce on you two the second you get down there to test you out!”

“We go all out here and once that barn door is closed, we lock it and anything that happens here, stays in here. Sometimes we really beat on each other. Once you step on the mat, the object is to dominate and even humiliate your opponent. It’s all in good fun. We’re just blowing off steam, but our policy of secrecy makes it easier to just let go and have fun.”

“Umm … okay,” I said as my dad and I flashed each other puzzled looks.

“Oh shit,” i said. “I forgot to bring my jock. Do you have a spare, dad?”

“Nope, just got the one. ‘Fraid you’ll have to freeball it.”

I sighed and pulled on my singlet. I had a pretty big dick, so without anything to hold it down, it was pretty visible though my singlet.

We went down stairs, and sure enough, the second we got down there a bunch of guys came over to challenge us.

Nick, the old guy we saw earlier came up to me first. “Wanna wrestle?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said. “I think I can take you.”

“I’ve been wrestling for over 50 years. I don’t think you can take me. I eat young studs like you for breakfast!”

“Bring it!”

“Oh, I will. No mercy!”

We went to the center of the mat and all the other guys formed a circle around the edge. Mike’s dad went over and closed the barn door and locked it.

“Who’s gonna ref?” I asked.

“Oh we don’t need refs. We bend the rules a little bit here. We wrestle nonstop till there’s a pin and both wrestlers have to acknowledge the fall to each other,” Mike explained from the sidelines.

“Let’s go!” Nick said.

We circled each other for a minute and then locked up. I gripped the back of his leathery neck and shoved my head against his damp wrinkled forehead. We stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds. I knew he had a lot of experience, but there was no way an old dude like this was going to beat me. But just as I thought that, he disappeared from my vision. Suddenly I felt his arms wrap around my thighs. He locked up his hands and rammed them up into my ass. I felt my feet leave the mat as he slung me over his shoulder. “Ugggghhhh!” I groaned as he demonstrated his power. I could hear the other guys going wild – yelling, laughing. I caught a glimpse of my dad cringing as another guy put his arm around his shoulder and grinned.

Just as quickly as he had lifted me up, the old guy returned me to the mat with a loud thump.

“Oooohh!” on guy said. “Damn!” another chimed in as they watched Nick hammer me.

By this point, the old man was on top of me and he probably could have pinned me right there, but he rolled off me and got to his feet. “C’mon kid, I thought we were gonna wrestle!” he taunted.

I got to my knees, shook my head to jolt myself back to normal and got to my feet. “You just got lucky” i replied, knowing full well that he just outwrestled me.

I had to step up my game. He was good, but I knew i could get him if i just concentrated. We both shot takedowns but couldn’t follow through. I stepped into him and swung my arm around his head as fast as I could. I figured my youth would give me the advantage of speed at least. Sure enough, before he knew what was happening I got a nice headlock and flipped him over. Now I had him. He was squirming on his back and kind of growling under his breath, clearly irritated that I had gotten the better of him.

The guys around the mat were getting boisterous again. The older guys were yelling at  Nick. “C’mon! Don’t let a 20 year old do that too you!” “Show him who the real man is!”

My dad on the other hand was cheering me on. “Rip his head off! You’ve almost got him. Just finish him off!”

Nick reached up with his free arm and grabbed my should to keep from getting pinned. I could feel his warm, moist breath on my cheek as I squeezed his head. “Mmmmppphh C’mon old man, quit fighting it. I’ve got you.” I said.

“You’re gonna regret that. I’m a lot tougher than you and you’re gonna really feel it when I pin you.”

We were both so sweaty that it was hard to keep a grip and even though i was squeezing with all my strength, he managed to turn onto his belly and I lost the hold. Still, I was on top. I flattened my whole body out on his back. My cock pressed between his as cheeks as i ran my sweaty forearm under his chin, lifting him up in an attempt to get flip him onto his back. The only problem, again, was the sweat. He was so slick that he managed to slide around to face me and use his leverage to put me on my back.

“Oh shit,” I grunted as pressed his body weight down on me. I tried to bridge, but by that point his hips were on top of mine.I was completely pinned. Even his penis was on top of mine, pinning mine down. As added humiliation he rubbed his hairy armpit across my face as I cringed and groaned. He slid his sweaty face up to mine. Our lips were nearly pressed against each others. “Do you admit that you are pinned and I have beaten you?’ He asked.

“Yeah, I think everyone can see that,” I replied.

Nick sat upright and flexed his muscles, grinning to the crowd as they cheered the old guy’s victory. Then he jumped to his feet and put one foot on my chest to rub it in a little more. Finally he let me up and I went to join my dad matside, but Mike grabbed my arm and spun me around a little.

“You lost, so you have to go sit in the losers section,” he said.

“What do you mean? why?” I asked.

“You’ll understand later. When you lose around here, you have to pay a price,” he said ominously.

So I sat down next to the guy I had seen Nick working over earlier. He gave me an empathatic smile and put his arm around my shoulders.

“He’s tough. He can beat most of the guys here,” he said.

It was dad’s turn to wrestle next. The guy he was up against was about his age. I had seen him getting changed earlier. He was so hairy i couldn’t tell where his pubes ended and his chest hair began.

Dad looked pissed after watching the beating I just took. The hairy dude shot a single leg, but dad fought him off. They circled each other some more and dad tried the same move on him. He pulled the other guy’s leg up high and knocked him off balance, bringing him down to the mat. He tried to sip up, but dad was on him and all he managed to do was slide onto his belly as dad climbed on top of him. Dad sank his arm into his armpit, sliding through a sweaty mass of fur till his hand emerged underneath, grabbing at the big bear’s wrist. Dad’s face was buried in the carpet of hair covering his opponent’s shoulders. But that didn’t bother him. He had some leverage now and was turning him.

A second later and the hairy dude’s ass was sticking straight up in the air, totally helpless, as dad pressed his shoulders into the mat. He must have forgotten that there was no ref, because he held him there for a minute. The guy continued to struggle but finally yelled out. “Shit dude, you pinned me! I’ve had enough!”

With that, dad released his hold and the guy turned over on his back, his chest heaving. Dad flexed for the crowd as they cheered for him and the beaten bear slunked off the mat and sat down beside me.

“Your dad’s a beast,” he said.

“Yeah, i think your ass was in the air for most of that match.”

He just laughed

There were quite a few matches after ours. One guy got spladled in front of me. He looked right into my eyes as he moaned in pain. I helped him massage his thighs after he crawled off the mat.

After a while, the room was all divided into two groups – the winners and the loser.

Suddenly, Ben came out and shouted, “Losers – take your position in front of your champions.”

All the guys around me stood up and started stripping down.

“What the fuck is going on?” I asked.

“Just do it. If you don’t, you will really be humiliated,” the furry guy said.

I peeled off my singlet and followed the other guy Nick beat over to where Nick was standing.

We kneeled down in front of him and Nick took my head with his left hand and the other guy’s with his right and brought our faces together on either side of his cock. We started kissing his scrotum as all three of us became erect. We nuzzled against each other on a bed of Nick’s salt and pepper pubes, licking his long shaft. As we reached the throbbing head of his penis, we rubbed out wet lips against each other. Nick pulled us up to his face and the three of us kissed as our dicks poked into each other. He pushed us down again, slowly, so we could lick his nipples on the way back down. We took turns swallowing his cock and stroking his low-hanging balls. Nick started moaning and pushed us both down so we were lying on the mat. He straddled us both and began jacking off. Nick let out a higher pitched moan and suddenly i felt his warm thick spunk spraying over my face and into my hair.

When he had finished unloading, Nick laid down on top of us, his two defeated opponents, and we all rested for a few minutes.

Then Nick got up and pulled us both up off the mat. “Time to get cleaned up,” he said.

As we headed for the stairs, dad and his opponent caught up with us. The furry dude’s chest hair was dripping with thick white semen. Dad came up behind him and wiped some onto this finger and shoved it into the other guy’s mouth. “This is what the cum of a champion tastes like,” he said, laughing.

We all showered up and got changed.  We thanked Mike and his dad for inviting us.

“Come again!” they said.

“Oh, we will,” we replied.

And we got into our car and drove off.



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